3 Great Career Paths Available With A Bachelor's In Information Systems

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3 Great Career Paths Available With A Bachelor's In Information Systems

3 May 2018
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One of the most in-demand industries right now is IT (information technology). This sector is vast, and there are so many career opportunities waiting, particularly when you get a bachelor's in information systems. This degree can yield the following career paths, which are all rewarding in different ways. 

1. IT Consultant 

Having an information systems degree lets you learn all of the intricacies of IT. You'll gain so much knowledge that you can actually work as an IT consultant for companies that need help with various technological aspects. 

As an IT consultant, you will have a wide variety of responsibilities. These include implementing new infrastructures and computer systems, defining networking requirements, presenting solutions to different IT problems, and tracking IT data for improved effectiveness and efficiency. It's a very rewarding job that can lead to a great salary, especially if you possess a lot of IT skills and experience upon entering the workplace. 

2. Web Content Manager 

If you're interested in the more web-oriented side of IT, you can use your information systems degree to become a web content manager. In this role, you would be responsible for ensuring websites are well structured. 

This involves making sure content is easy to find, updating data on a regular basis, and overseeing various multimedia like videos, pictures, and slideshows. Essentially, web content managers make sure a website runs at an optimal rate. You'll make a little bit less money compared to an IT consultant, since this role is not as technical.

3. Database Administrator 

One of the more higher paying gigs you can get with a bachelors in information systems is a database administrator. This position entails using specialized software to store and assess data. The data can revolve around a lot of things, from customer data to finances. 

Other duties associated with this position include merging old databases into new ones, backing up data in case computers go down, keeping databases operating efficiently, and adjusting database structures. There are many certifications and continuing education opportunities for this position, which give you the chance to progress and learn new skills on a regular basis. There are also great promotional opportunities that come with this career, giving you plenty to look forward to. 

As you can see, there are plenty of long-term careers you can pursue with a bachelors in information systems. What you need to do is assess each career and determine what would work best long-term, based on your particular skills and overall interests. For more information on information systems bachelors programs, contact your local university.